The iPad 3 rumour round-up

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When it comes to rumours then anything surrounding Apple is always guaranteed to garner a crop of ponderings as to what it’ll come up with next. That’s especially the case with the forthcoming iPad 3, which is due sometime in the New Year and is already set to become as popular as the current incarnation.

So, what can we expect from the next tablet device? Whatever Apple produces it’ll have to be good with a whole array of impressive rivals springing up all over the place, with many of those running the ever-improving Android operating system too. What’s more, many of these tablets come with a cheaper price tag than the iPad too, so it’s going to be imperative for Apple that it comes up with a killer new model.

What to expect?

Some reports are already suggesting that the updated iPad will actually be thicker than the current version, with speculation that this could be because the new model will feature an HD Ready display, and if that’s the case then this portable gadget will be an incredible device to use for movies on the move. It’ll almost certainly get the widely anticipated Retina display too along with, just possibly, curved glass on the front of the tablet.

However, it’s what is inside the casing that might be the key to how well the new iPad performs, as there’s a new more powerful A6 processor on the cards that should really help motor the device along. Added to that, we could also see improved connectivity, with a Thunderbolt port being a possibility and also delivering much faster data transfer than more conventional options such as USB.

We should also be able to expect even better battery life than the current model too. Although the iPad 2 sports impressive times before it goes flat, the new iPad 3 could feature a more expensive internal battery that supplies plenty of juice for longer periods before recharging is needed. Then, of course, there are also rumours circulating that there will actually be two different iPad models for next year, with the first one being a sort of updated model, in much the same way as iPhone 4S deals were released, rather than a fully-fledged iPhone 5.

Looking forward

No matter what the new iPad 3 ends up being like and what sort of technical specification and features it arrives with, there’s no doubt that it is set to be a big hit with consumers. What’s more, there’s seems to end in sight to the current explosion of apps being designed for the platform too. While there are a great many new Android tablets coming on the market, this is one area where Apple still rules the roost.

And, with a new model that’s been tweaked and fine-tuned in order to get the most out of these third-party applications, then it seems increasingly likely that Apple will continue to dominate the tablet market during 2012.

Rob Clymo writes on behalf of Broadband Genie