New Apple iPad 3 Thicker Casing Revealed

We have been hearing rumors all around regarding Apple’s next generation iPad, the Apple iPad3. We even created a dedicated page which is devoted for the iPad3 rumor roundup which includes drilling down iPad3’s specifications from processor, ports, chips, display, storage, camera to the leaked home button parts. Well, for this post we just want to add some bits and pieces of information and updates regarding this new gadget and to give you a bit of an idea on how the new Apple iPad3 will look like.

As with this new information that we have got, it seems that we can get a clue on how thick the new iPad3 will be. Chinee, a Chinese case manufacturer gave us a sneak-peak or should I say “hint” on the next generation Apple iPad and claimed that they have received this information from inside Apple’s supply chain. They have shown several pictures of the new case which they call as the Black Microfiber Textured Leather Folio Stand Case (24.5*19*1.5cm) which seems to be thicker than iPad 2 cases. It has been reported that Apple iPad3 will have a high resolution of 2048×1536 or Retina Display which maybe the reason for the thicker iPad3 cases.

For the time being, Chinee has started selling the Black Microfiber Textured Leather Folio Stand Case for the device which they call as Apple iPad 2S.

Front and Back View


Back cover can be folded as a stand and can stand in 2 angle types

Top Back View

Bottom Back View