Review: Crimson Premium Surface Protector for MacBook Air

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Time and time again, the guys at Crimson have proven how they wanted us to take care of our Apple products with their line of protective screens and accessories. This time around, we’ll focus on something bigger, outside of the normal scope of mobile gadget accessories. Crimson further expands their Premium Surface Protector line with their MacBook Air-based products. For this review we cover the and the -inch protectors. Will the larger size be detrimental to the quality when compared to the down-sized ones for the iPad/iPhone? Let’s find out.


  • Made from the highest quality, multi-layered, Japanese-manufactured film.
  • The ultimate protection against dust, scratches, oil and dirt for your iPad 2.
  • Advanced silicone adhesive minimizes bubbles during application and alows for easy removal without residue.
  • can be cleaned with water and reapplied.
  • No “rainbow” effect.
  • Microfiber cleaning cloth included.

Unboxing and Presentation

If you’re one of those long-time followers of this site (and TechGeeze), then you’ve probably known by now how Crimson packages their premium protectors, and this is no exception. Being consistent in their packaging, the MacBook Air protectors also come in the red cardboard sleeve we’ve know Crimson products come in. At the front, the protector variant is properly written in reflective text and at the center is a mockup of what the surface protector should be, superimposed in a product shot of a MacBook Air

Opening the cardboard sleeve reveals an inner plastic film-like sleeve that opens to reveal the main contents. At the back is the the instruction sheet, nicely written in clear fonts and easily understandable, then the protector itself, in a thin plastic film that’s attached in the rear flap of the enclosure, giving fingerprint protection from simple handling. And finally as most Crimson protectors do, this one also comes with a microfiber cleaning cloth. Consistent product presentation is good and Crimson is doing a great job with it.


Much like the iPad protector sets, this one also comes with just one sheet. Now some of you may ask if there’s any differences given that unlike the previous two reviews, the MacBook Air doesn’t exactly come with a touchscreen. Fortunately, Crimson’s product consistency is still in effect and these protectors don’t feel any different from the ones they offer for the iPhone or iPad — it’s just bigger. Then there’s still the handy cleaning cloth that’s a real treat and doesn’t feel cheap unlike the other packages that also come with one.


As mentioned earlier, this set of surface protectors don’t feel any different from the ones that are used for the iPhone/iPad. They are still pretty thin while not being too flimsy for attachment. On that note, your mileage may vary when sticking the protector to the screen. Unlike the previous two versions, MacBook Air screens are bigger. In case you’ve encountered mistakes in attaching the protector, it’s advanced silicone adhesive allows you to repeatedly re-attach the surface protectors without worrying that residue may already be on your screens. This then carries us to the re-useability of the surface protectors. They recommend that usage of water in cleaning them won’t be a detrimental thing to do as it won’t affect the adhesive nor it will change how the screen looks after some cleaning. In fact it is an advantage as the protector may accumulate dust from multiple use and you can just simply clean it while with other products, you might resort to buying a new set.

For this particular review, we got samples of the Anti-Glare variant. To know the differences between the myriad of variants that Crimson offers, head onto the iPhone Protector review here. As with the smaller surface protectors, their Anti-Glare ones do the job very well as this solves one problem that most notebook/laptop users have. There will be times when you have to work under intense and direct light, not necessary sunlight but the same effect will occur. Their Anti-Glare protectors minimizes the reflection that the light source creates and still allows you to clearly see what you’re working on screen.

Final Thoughts

Crimson products never disappoint and this is another testament of that. There aren’t that many high quality surface protectors that go beyond of the typical mobile device but Crimson still manages to bag that in. And with this set being available in the 11 and 13-inch versions, they’ve got most MacBook Air users covered. Costing around $30 at most, these will provide the best protector for your slim apple netbook. Highly recommended. For more information on their MacBook Air surface protector or their other products, just visit

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