10 Top iPad Apps You Should Know About

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Congratulations to all the iPad owners! You have got yourself a wonderful device. iPad is an extremely versatile device, which can be used in the most productive and entertaining ways. The Apple store provides you with thousands of apps to choose from; though to pick a few from so many can be a task. To help you get started, here’s a list of the top 10 apps that will prove to be most useful on your loved iPad.

1. Instapaper

iPad is a wonderful device for reading e-books and online content. If you wish to take advantage of it, Instapaper is just the app for you. It allows the user to save articles directly from a webpage. Every user can have an Instapaper account that gathers all the saved files in one place. You can save written pieces from your computer, laptop, iPhone, or iPad itself using this productive application.

2. Netflix

Netflix is a total entertainment package. You can browse through the Netflix catalogue to play your favorite movies and TV shows instantly on your iPad. This is one of the most desirable apps from the entertainment section. Although, you have to buy its service, which by the way, is totally worth it.

3. AIM

All-in-one messenger, abbreviated as AIM lets you stay connected with your friends no matter where you are. This app allows you to manage all your social media including facebook, twitter from your iPad. The best part! AIM is a free download and that to without any advertisements.

4. Nightstand Central

Unfortunately, iPad does not come with a built-in alarm clock. Unless you rely on a wakeup call, you definitely need this application. Nightstand Central comes with a well-designed, split-flap clock, with a beautiful interface. The clock display covers the whole screen, so you never miss anything important.

5. Zite

Zite is rated as the best news app for your iPad. This app creates a beautiful magazine-style interface for the user. All you have to do is add your favorite reading profiles such as Delicious, Google reader, Twitter etc.; it will compile all the latest news from these sources in a single elegant screen.

6. iBooks

Apple’s iBooks is by far the best-designed e-book application for your iPad. You can download all your favorite books from various sources directly on your iPad. Thanks to the makers, iPad has a backlit display for reading comfortably at night.

7. Pandora Radio

Pandora Radio is your own personalized radio while on the go. It is a universal application that allows you to compile your favorite radio channels from anywhere. Pandora Radio has been specially re-designed for its iPad users. If you are an existing user, all you have to do is login through your iPad and you’re ready to go!

8. Pages

Pages is an excellent word processing application for redefined productivity on your iPad. It supports various file formats; and allows you to export, share and save files in the easiest way. This is yet another gift from Apple to its loyal tablet user fraternity.

9. Flipboard

Flipboard is a customizable user-friendly feed board for iPad. The app turns all your favorite news feeds from various sources into easy-to-read articles. If you’re still not sure what you can do with it? It’s free; you can download and decide for yourself.

10. Fruit Ninja

Why not to have a game application on your iPad that can keep you entertained for hours? Fruit Ninja is one game that appeals to people of all age groups. Slice juicy fruits with amazing sound effects to win goodies.

iPad is one powerful device, which gains a new feature with every new application. Download applications only from trusted sources and keep your iPad safe and organized. For newbie’s, you can start with these 10 amazing apps.

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