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Game – Strategy


Defense Zone 1.3 HD is a spectacular Tower Defense game for iPad 2.

This version of Defense Zone has been rebalanced according to the gamers’ feedback. Difficulty settings in EASY and MEDIUM modes have become simpler, because the initial level of complexity was too high for novices. However, HARD mode for Tower Defense experts remains as challenging as before.


The game is noted for its beautiful graphics with stunning visual effects. HD resolution for iPad2 guarantees full immersion into the world of defense tactics, multivarious turret guns, and enemy’s fierce attacks. The backdrops represent different types of detailed landscape, which can be used to your advantage. Defense Zone supports OpenFeint that simplifies posting all level results in a consolidated database.


Defense Zone 1.3 HD requires iOS 5.0 or later. It is compatible with iPad 2 Wi-Fi and iPad 2 Wi-Fi + 3G.


As for the gameplay, Defense Zone 1.3 is never boring thanks to the perfect balance of weaponry, resources and resilience of enemy units. The enemy’s attacks are generated by a special algorithm, which makes each attack more difficult than the previous one, and always keeps the player alert. Unlike other games of this genre, Defense Zone does not feature any superweapon – all the turret guns have their pros and cons, and only smart combinations of several strategically placed turrets will bring you victory. Use your brains and work out effective defense schemes!

Final Thoughts

Defense Zone is strongly recommended for Tower Defense enthusiasts. Besides, it may prove an interesting experience for those who want to try this genre for the first time. And, no doubt, it will be a pleasant surprise for those who are disappointed by boring and unbalanced Tower Defense games.



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