Apple is prepping “products that will blow your mind” –Tim Cook

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Apple have been in an enormous momentum breaking record sales, dethroning competitors and highlighted to be world’s most valuable company –and it seemed the Cupertino-giant have just started. However, there’s an underlying notion that the company might lose its innovative prowess after Steve Jobs’ death. Gladly, there’s no reason to think so —Tim Cook reassures.

At Apple’s shareholders meeting, “You can be assured we are working as hard as ever this year to deliver an incredible year and some products that will blow your mind,” said Tim Cook. He also added, his thought over the legacy of Jobs(Happy Birthday!) and how it inspires him.

More over, no doubt Apple is fully focused on the future, and “that we should be looking forward to more than one mind-blowing product”.

“There’s not a day that goes by that I don’t miss him,” Cook said and extended his thanks to Apple fans. With the passing of time “great sadness turned into an intense determination to continue the journey because that’s what he would have wanted,” Cook added.

During the meeting, Cook also added some exciting news that Apple has more cash than it needs and reaffirms that the company has a good relationship with social networking giants Twitter and Facebook.

Source: Forbes