The Apple – Twitter Relationship

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Undeniably, owning an Apple product is the best feeling. Not because of the prestige and the aura that the brand exudes, but because of the overall user experience. Although there may be some haters out there who have yet to become Mac converts, Apple users are having the time of their lives with the latest updates, gadgets and pretty much, the awesome technology it provides its users. Thus, it comes no surprise that with the release of iOS5, Apple had chosen to deeply integrate Twitter into its user interface.  

So why did Apple choose Twitter over Facebook? When it comes to engaging with people via social media, an Apple or Mac device can do wonders to your social media experience. Apple and Twitter have the same line of strategy for its users. Take minute and analyze how Twitter and how to get more followers with an Apple device. There are simply more avenues and plenty of applications out on the market that are free that supportive of Apple devices. One good example is TweetDeck, especially if you’re married to the desktop version of Twitter.

Other popular apps that have been getting plenty of attention this 2012 is HootSuite, Flipboard, Twitboard, TwitBird, Twitterrific, and of course the official Twitter app. This is simply to cater to the needs of the users, whoever wants to experience convenience. There are simply many apps to get more followers on Twitter with an Apple device, no matter what iOS running.

Most of these platforms are available whether you’re on your desktop or on your mobile device. Whichever device you are using, iPhone, iPad, iPods, it’s assured that you can still get more followers, and fully benefit from these Twitter apps available on the net. Apple is always one step ahead of its consumers and will launch more updates in the coming months to make its user experience better than ever. What will Apple think of next? Only time can tell what else they’ve come up for Twitter and for its users to get more followers on this micro-blogging platform.

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