WinZip for iPhone and iPad now available

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The popular file compression software WinZip is now available on iOS platform. The apps will lets you open zipped email attachments such as images and documents right there on your iPhone or iPad without using a computer anymore. It will also allow you to open attachments even when you’re using web email interface. So, no more disappointments for extremely important file hitting your inbox and realizing it was zipped, you can view it right away on-the-go with your iPad or iPhone.

Unfortunately this WinZip app is not designed to let you make your own Zip archives through your mobile devices rather that will still need a computer, mainly aimed for viewing purposes only. However, knowing that’s this utility app is free –it’s worthy enough that you have one on your utility folder.

Hit the source link if you want to download the app right away. We wonder when the Android version will hit the market?

Source: WinZip

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