iPad will take the lead in the market until 2016

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So far the iPad is taking the lead in the market when we talk about tablets. In relation to this, Gartner, a market research firm has released its latest forecasts for the sales to end users for the worldwide media tablet. They have revealed that until at least 2016, the iPad will continue to take the lead on the tablet market competition. According to their forecast estimates, the total tablet market will be able to sell 118.9 million units at the end of 2012. As compared to the sales in the year 2011, the forecast estimate by 2012’s end is 98 percent higher from the 60 million units sold in 2011.

At the end of 2012, as per Gartner’s projection, iPad will be able to get 61.4 percent share from the worldwide tablet sales. It will still get the highest share in the market despite the international release of Kindle Fire and Microsoft Windows 8 tablets later in 2012. By 2013, iPad will still take the lead taking the 54.6% of market share and by 2016; it will obtain the 45.9 percent of the total market share. A little lower as compared to 2013 but still the highest among all other media tablet sales.

The next in the lead are the Android tablets which started with 17.3 units sold in 2011 and based on Gartner’s projection, it will continue to grow up to 37.3 percent of sales by 2016. High enough but still gets the second place. Gartner believes that one of the reasons for this is the lack of Android tablet specific apps.

On the other hand, Microsoft Windows 8 is expected to take 4.1 percent of the market share for 2012 and grow up to 11.8 percent in 2016. Microsoft was using Metro UI in Windows 8 which appears to be driving for more consumer appeal. With this idea, Gartner believes that their offering will only appeal on the enterprise IT departments. Gartner also expects that by 2015, they will take 35 percent of total tablet share but the sales will not be strictly defined by enterprise tablets.

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