Most Expensive iPhone Apps Ever

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Many people buy iPhones just because they think owning an iPhone is cool and prestigious. And some of them who are ready to pay about $600 for an unlocked iPhone (or much less if it comes with deals with mobile operators) can even afford buying the most expensive apps for the iPhone, too. Nope, those apps don’t cost $20 or even $100. They’re available at iTunes for… $1000! And here they are:

1. BarMax CA

The most useful iPhone app among the most expensive ones on iTunes is perhaps BarMax CA designed by BarMax LLC, the best Harvard lawyers and iPhone app developers, and it costs $999.99. It’s actually an educational app that will help you prepare for the state bar exam, and it has lectures, tests and much more to help you get the highest marks – you’ll just have to work hard, follow all of the instructions of the app and keep organized. Well, many future lawyers can pass this exam even without an app for $1000, but still it’s a nice investment.

2. Engine Connect

The next app that is available for $999.99 is Engine Connect, which enables TV weather forecasters, broadcasters and news anchors to control Vizrt content from their iPads and manipulate animations and graphics on the TV screen via their tablet. Rather useful, eh?

3. MobiGage Laser

MobiGage Laser is the next costly app for the iPhone, and it can be really useful in different manufacturing plants, since it can measure things (like manufactured parts) really accurately via its Leica laser. This app can also be bought for $999.99, but its developers (who have made the PC version, too) say it would cost $25,000 if Apple’s and iTunes terms and conditions allowed it.

4. iStutter

The iStutter app is also available at iTunes for the same $999.99, and it’s made to help people get rid of their speech problems, namely stuttering. I’m not sure it can work better than a human specialist in this field, but still, the app seems to be rather useful.

5. Agro

If you’re an agronomist and have problems with creating reports, the next app for $999.99, Argo, will help you a lot. The creators of the app say you’ll save much time on making reports, despite of the field of agronomy you work in.

6. iVIP Black

And finally, if you’re a millionaire and want special treatment, attention and nice presents almost everywhere, you can get the iVIP Black app for the same $999.99, and it will guarantee you VIP treatment in a number of luxury venues and be able to book private islands, yachts and much more. But to get this app, you should really be a millionaire and have at least $1 million.

When I learned about these 6 apps that cost about $1000 each, I decided to find out if there are similar apps for Android. To by great disappointment, I didn’t find any apps at Google Play that are more expensive than $200. Both apps for $200 (Black Diamond and Vuvuzela World Cup Horn Plus) are not really useful and are usually downloaded by those who just want to show off.

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