Flipboard Ver. 1.9 for iPhone and iPad Integrates SoundCloud

Imagine reading a magazine with music in the background. In this digitalized age, that would be Flipboard, a social magazine app and SoundCloud, an audio distribution app, simultaneously accessed by both their users. Won’t that be a novel application for both iOs and Android smart phones? If you think the same, then you must hear about the new Flipboard ver. 1.9.

According to Inside Flipboard, they will be adding a most anticipated section that users will love – Sound. Under the audio category of Flipboard, smart phone users need only to tap the ribbon on the screen then they can explore audio tracks from SoundCloud and other audio partners such as Public Radio International (PRI) and National Public Radio (NPR). However, it must be noted that only SoundCloud bagged the spot in the online music and audio distribution stream. Why do you think that is? Maybe, it is because SoundCloud is one of a kind and because of its awaited whole new interface.

It is still big news in the online music and social industry when SoundCloud revealed to the press that it is going to revamp its website to a more social platform with elements such as repost, real time social notifications and comments under a sleeker waveform. And the feature that takes the cake is the uninterrupted audio plays, making it possible to listen to audio tracks even when users are engrossed in other activities on their mobile devices, like flipping?

Flipboard version 1.9 curates SoundCloud music and audio tracks selecting favorites such as Snoop Dogg and Diplo. Other than that the social magazine also hauled music labels Atlantic Records and Ninja Tunes; segment shows Radiolab and Science Friday; podcasts from The New Yorker and Slate and other tracks from the massive community of sound creators on SoundCloud. Audio creators who buy SoundCloud followers for leverage can now take advantage of this development in line with the social magazine Flipboard.  Tracks can easily get the needed plays as users are geared to experience music on their mobile devices.

With Flipboard integrating SoundCloud, users are expected to stay longer flipping through their social feeds while listening to music and audio tracks. Again, it will be like emulating an experience where people read newspapers and magazines in restaurants while music plays in the background.

In line with this audio integration, the social magazine is already setting out to make the Flipboard Android app officially available to everyone after it debuts with the Samsung Galaxy S III earlier this May, 2012.