New Game Apps for the iPhone

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It seems like every week there are numerous apps being released. These apps can be to accomplish a variety of tasks. One popular purpose for apps is to provide entertainment through gaming. There are currently some new game apps available for download through the App Store.

One new game is Gravity Force. This game is reminiscent of those little party favour games from childhood birthday parties. They were plastic mazes through which a tiny metal ball needed to be navigated. The object was to get the ball through the maze and into a small cup at the bottom of the game. Well, this is exactly what the new game, Gravity Force, is all about.

Gravity force has three levels of difficulty which are to represent the forces of gravity. These would be the Earth, Moon and Jupiter. An added feature of this game is a section with science videos. While the overall game is quite simple to learn, these added levels make the game more difficult. This particular app is not only fun but educational as well.

A second new game app for the iPhone is Link Mon. This particular game belongs in the puzzle category. The object of this game is to match the monster pairs in an effort to clear them from the cemetery. This is a timed game with a limit for each level. The game comes with well over 100 different board configurations. Also, included are four modes of play. Link Mon is a rather simple game that is quite easy to learn. Some may find this game somewhat like Solitaire Mahjong. When making a pair, just tap the monster you want and then tap the one that matches. The pair is then removed if a solid line can be made between the two matching tiles.

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