Why Mac is Better than PC

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If you have spoken with a Mac fan for a moment, you surely have heard that Macs are far better than PCs for the majority of users. If you are thinking about buying a Mac for your next computer, you are well on your way to making an excellent choice because Macs are indeed better than PCs. There are many reasons why Mac is better than PC, and these are just a few of the top reasons:

Better Service

If you have something go wrong with your PC, you might end up in crisis mode. Your operating system, software, hardware, and everything else all comes from different sources. Determining whether or not you have a hardware or a software issue when there is a problem can take forever, and sometime finding out whether or not you are dealing with a warranty issue can make you want to pull your hair out. Often, even when you have an a warranty issue, it can take so long to get your computer to the manufacturer and so long to get it back, you usually end up simply paying a technician to fix it for you anyway.

With Macs, you get award-winning service. Everything is from Apple, and they are able to diagnose your issues faster and can fix your computer faster, especially if you are near an Apple Store. If you live near an Apple Store, you can take your Mac in to get diagnosed on the spot, and if your computer has a major issue covered under warranty, you could even have the computer replaced for you on the spot.


With Mac or PC you could find yourself taken in a phishing scheme, but with a PC, you are vulnerable to a lot more threats that are high tech. Note that even though Macs used to be virus free, there is malicious software that has been created to attack Macs, but there is far less malware for Macs than there is for PCs. Almost every PC user has had at least one infection, but many have been afflicted by more than one parasite. When you talk to Mac owners, very few will report having ever had a malware infection.

You still need antivirus protection for your Mac, but you have a much better chance of finding yourself infection free with a Mac. If you have a PC, you have to be much more on guard.

Design and Aesthetics

Sure, you may have owned a PC or Windows laptop that looked good, but they definitely weren’t a Mac. PCs are usually bulkier and boxier; when you look at these computers it seems that the design and aesthetics were an afterthought, if anyone bothered to put any thought into this aspect at all.

Mac are designed holistically from the ground up, and it seems that how the computer looks has as much thought put into it how it looks as how it runs. Attractive and fashion forward, Macs have a beautiful distinctive look that PCs just cannot copy no matter how hard they try.


There are many reasons why Mac is better than PC, and these were simply a few. Ask any Mac enthusiast why their computer system of choice is better, and they most likely can offer you a long list of reasons why Mac is better than PC. A better, faster, more stable system in general, the extra money for a Mac is well worth it; buying a mac is a much sounder investment than purchasing a PC, and your Mac is sure to last even longer too.

Written by Barbara, a freelance writer who covers webmaster topics, mac how, social media, android apps, and other internet trends.