Featured: The Best Ways to Share Free iPhone Ringtones with Friends and Family

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There are plenty of great things to enjoy about your cell phone. You may enjoy the convenience of communicating by phone, text or email on-the-go. Your cell phone may double as your digital and video camera, your portable radio, your gaming device and more. An often overlooked benefit that is associated with cell phones is being able to download ringtones and really make your phone that much cooler to use. You can spend a considerable amount of time searching through all of the free ringtones for Canada cell phone users, trying to find the perfect ones for you. Sometimes, you may simply get caught up in listening to all of the snippets and entertaining yourself with the funniest of ringtones. In the process of searching for ringtones, you may have found some great sounds to share with your friends and family. There are several ways you can share free ringtones with others.

Different Options

One of the great things about free ringtones is that they don’t cost you a thing to download them. If you found a great ringtone that you just knew your friend would love, you may want to download it right away and send it to him or her later. Once the ringtone is on your phone, however, what are your options for sending it to another cell phone? Some of the many options to consider include emailing the file as an attachment or sending it as an attachment in a text message. You can also use Bluetooth or infrared technology to transfer the file if the phones are in close range of each other.

Check Technology Compatibility

In order for each of these methods to work, your cell phone has to be technologically compatible with the other cell phone that you are trying to send the file to. This is pretty easy to check. You simply have to ask your friend or family member if their phone is capable of receiving a file in a certain way. Once you have determined which transfer method you want to use, you simply have to select the file from your own phone and transfer it through the method you have chosen to use.

When All Else Fails

These are perhaps the easiest methods for most people to make use of when trying to transfer sound files from one phone to the other. However, not everyone is technologically savvy, and some people may simply not understand how to use all of the features on their cell phone. Others may not have a cell phone that is compatible with your own. When these things happen, you simply cannot share free ringtones. The best option then is to refer them to the website that you downloaded the files from. Many people who have downloaded the best free ringtones have found them on AllFreeRingtones.ca. You can send them a link for the site and let them download the sounds on their own for free.

Because the sound files available on http://AllFreeRingtones.ca are free to download, there is no expense at all to your friends or family to download the files on their own. You may send them the link to the site, and they may start suggesting cool ringtones for you to download too!

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