New iPhone 5 rumor roundup for June 2012

Here are some of the most notable rumors we have for the most anticipated smartphones to hit this 2012, the new iPhone or iPhone 5 which ever moniker be proclaimed official. Learn more after the break.

Awesome iPhone LiquidMetal Concept

Jon Fawcett design of his creative imagination on how he visualize what will be the next-generation iPhone looks like.

 Awesome iPhone 5 LiquidMetal Design

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iPhone 5 Backplates Leaked

Alleged brand new iPhone parts has been leaked that seemed to confirm the 16:9 aspect ratio 4-inch screen of the next-gen iPhone. 9to5Mac received the leaks from several suppliers, and if we’ll be going to believe Michael Fertik from, the site has a good reputation on iPhone parts rumor.

 iPhone 5 Backplates Leaked

New iPhone 5 and iPad Mini by September

Brian White from Topeka Capital Markets throws his fearless forecast that the new iPhone 5 and iPad mini will be hitting the shelves of being official by September, his information are based from consolidated confirmation from components supplier in Taipe who joined the Computex show.

Alleged iPhone 5 backplate on video, 7.9mm thickness and HD front camera

The alleged iPhone back plate from the previous image leaked suggesting same probable 4-inch Retina-display screen obvious with the added height compared with an iPhone 4S was again hit the rumor thread, this time on a Youtube video. The video also revealed the details of unibody, thinner casing of about 7.9mm with front-panel being the only glass part, smaller dock and SIM card slot that seemed to reflect the recently approved ETSI Apple’s nano-SIM standard.

Assembled iPhone 5 parts leaked

The leaked parts purported for several weeks have gone into the world of iPhone 5 rumors, interestingly this time ‘assembled’ to mirror of what possibly lies ahead of the new iPhone esthetics and externally seen new features.

Assembled iPhone Parts