iPhone started smoking badly caught on camera

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iPhone started smoking badly caught on cameraThe Samsung Galaxy S III which started incinerating itself while being charged spurs the issues hype found on one of its greatest competition, this time the iPhone.

According to a report covered by 9t05Mac, Henri Helminen aged 17 was on his way to work on Monday morning when suddenly the iPhone resting on his pocket have started smoking which apparently continue to combusting itself, fortunately he was able to immediately throw it on the ground to avoid any injuries. The iPhone was more than three month old and there’s no issues prior to its self-combustion incident.

There’s a video captured on a nearby CCTV camera, see it below:

At the moment, there’s no official comments coming from the Cupertino-giant or findings what has started the iPhone to incinerate itself. We can set a speculation that the incident might be caused by the device’s battery. As with normal short-circuited Li-Ion cell can get hot enough to induce heat to burn the phone.

Apple is known for their epic comments, if you remember the death-grip issue where the company insisted that you might be holding the iPhone the wrong way.

Source: Kauppalehti  via 9to5Mac

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