Mobile Security for iPhone Gaming Apps

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The advent of gaming on the go – where you can access Ladbrokes services from an iPhone – is a technological revolution. However, though the opportunity to place bets and win money on your favourite games like Blackjack and Slot Machines is an enticing one, it’s important for a customer’s peace of mind to know they are playing with secure technology.

Ladbrokes has gone to great lengths to ensure the integrity of its software. All communications running on the Ladbrokes client software between the individual users smartphones’ and the Ladbrokes servers is encrypted multiple times to prevent any outside interference, and other in-game security features have been added. For example, players cannot save the password to their account on their smartphone; preventing the possibility of the account being automatically accessible should they lose the phone. has gone to great lengths to shape the code used by their existing poker software to make it suitable and secure for playing on a mobile phone, bearing in mind its use in wireless, 3G environments that are more vulnerable to interception.

So far, the Ladbrokes iOS can be deemed entirely safe, having had no recorded instances of outside hacking or external interference; an impressive but essential achievement in terms of securing customer peace of mind. However, Ladbrokes has acknowledged that the battle to maintain security is an ongoing one, and they are always looking to innovate to stay on top of the efforts of internet pirates. In an interview in 2011, Ladbrokes’ Chief Information Officer Mittu Sridhara stated “We will continue to update all of our platforms and work with our partners to deliver as we have over the last 24 months”, and went on to confirm Ladbrokes’ drive to take security as seriously as their customers do.

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