Planet of the iOS Apps [Infographic]

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Planet of the Apps InfographicIf you have a iPhone or Android smartphone, you probably don’t need telling this – but as a planet, we are rapidly falling in love with our phones and the apps on them. Many people can’t go a day without flinging birds at pigs, scribbling pictures for their friends, tweeting about what they’ve been up to, sharing photos of cool stuff they’ve seen, or grabbing vouchers for nearby restaurants – but just how deeply in love have we fallen with apps?

Well the answer is quite a lot, truthfully: That’s why the mobile phones team has done a little research into this worldwide phenomenon to produce this infographic.

Our phones are becoming more and more indispensable in everyday life, and this infographic just serves to highlight this.

Whether you’re part of the smartphone revolution or not, you can’t deny that it’s coming, and soon…

The Planet of the Apps Infographic

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