The Popularity of the iPhone 4S

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iPhone 4S

Before it was even released, the latest version of Apple’s iPhone took on its own cult status. While many were expecting the iPhone 5, given the features provided on the released iPhone 4S, the phone sold out quickly when released in markets with back orders aplenty. Many wonder what it is about the iPhone 4S that made the phone so popular. If you want to view this phone visit

There are a number of reasons that the iPhone 4S has gained quite a following. One of these is the unique feature that comes with the phone. This is a pre-installed digital personal assistant that uses artificial intelligence. This feature has the best voice command technology of any mobile phone. Known as Siri, this feature has become an instant hit. In fact, Siri is becoming an aspect of pop culture with websites, cartoons and blogs written about her. While she is for the most part accurate, she can at times elicit humourous responses to queries.

Apple’s App Store is another reason for the successful following of the iPhone 4S. Of all the app stores, this one features the most apps as well as the best variety. These would include photo apps, gaming apps, business apps and more. Many of the apps available for the iPhone 4S cannot be used on other devices. Also, the apps offered are quite innovative. This feature continues to attract people to the iPhone 4S.

The latest version of the iPhone also features one of the best cameras on the market. This is another reason many people have clamoured for the iPhone 4s. With a camera of this magnitude, there’s little reason to cart around a camera. The camera in the phone features an impressive 9 megapixels. Equipped with an illumination sensor, the iPhone 4S also has a terrific infrared filter. Also, videos can be captured at 1080 p.

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