How do you use the app?

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If you’ve got an iPhone and you’re looking to buy a car, then has come up with a solution that will suit you down to the ground. The app has been specifically designed to make looking for your next new or used car as easy and painless as possible. You can search by model, make, capacity and a whole range of other criteria to make sure that you’re getting the car that’s for you.

To get hold of this new piece of technological wizardry, all you have to do is log onto the app store with your iPhone and search for You’ll see the app come up in the list of results, easily recognisable from its trademark blue steering wheel logo. Simply click download, and you’re halfway there.

When you’ve opened the application, just click on “Search Cars” on the main menu. This will bring you to the main page, the nerve centre of the whole operation. Just input your wants and needs into this page and hit search. The app will look through the database of over one hundred and sixty thousand cars to find ones that match your search options. Then, all you have to do is browse through the results. It’s just that simple.

And because list cars from all over the country, whether in the next city or next door, you can be certain you’ll get a good range to choose from. It’s quick and easy to find the car you’ve been looking for, and it’s now simpler than ever. There’s also a handy function to keep cars that you might want to look at again in a shortlist, allowing you to browse your favourites with ease to compare them.

Download it today and see what you’re missing.

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