How to Get More Free Space on iPhone with PhoneClean

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PhoneClean for iPhone

As a Windows PC user, you quite may similar with CCleaner, which is a drive wiping tool that can wipe all the data from your hard drive, but can also scrub only the available free space. But for your iPhone, it seems you rarely think about eliminating these unnecessary from iPhone as cache, media files, temporary files, junk system, log files, universal binaries and more.

Yet, indeed, even our iDevice would require the same precautions, to go to swipe off the unnecessary so much space that often occupies the flash memory of the iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch. On our mobile devices are added later for updates typos, inaccessible or corrupt files, system bug or third-party applications, etc.

PhoneClean is the solution! This freeware software developed over months of research iMobie promises to release up to 40% of space from our iDevice, and greatly improve the fluidity of the devices “cleaned”.

PhoneClean is to get rid of all types of files listed above, by providing new storage space for applications, photos, music, videos and more. On older devices, such as an iPhone 3G, the improvements will involve the startup of the web browsing application up to the gameplay of video games.

For this test we have chosen to use our iPhone 4S. We start this test by downloading the software from iMobie official website and install on a PC with Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8.

How to Reclaim More Space on iPhone with PhoneClean?

Step 1: Open PhoneClean and it will remind you to connect your iPhone with computer. Do as it suggested.
Step 2: Once your iPhone is loaded by PhoneClean, you’ll be able to check there are how much free space left on your device. Click Scan to let PhoneClean detect and canalize how much space can be saved.

PhoneClean for iPhone

Note: You may have an option “I’d like to keep off-line files”. Many of your Apps will create Off-line media files, including news, articles, magzines, comic books and other cache data. They will be regenerated if you use these Apps again. So if you want to keep them, you can check this option and PhoneClean will skip them for you.

Step 3: After few seconds, PhoneClean will show you how much space is taken by these useless junk files. Click Clean Now to let it free up space on your phone.

PhoneClean for iPhone

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