iOS 6 Hints iPhone 5’s 9-Pin Dock Connector and Larger Screen

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iOS 6

The latest iOS 6 have just hinted the probable rumors of the upcoming iPhone 5 with 9-pin dock connector and larger screen with the details of five rows of apps on the home screen. These major details were revealed in the beta version of iOS 6 outed for developers.

The five rows of apps at the home screen divulging the possible taller display of iPhone 5 was easily revealed after tweaking the iOS simulator application found in the iOS development tools, the site was able to run a simulation of iOS 6 at the rumored 640 x 1136 resolution which is capable of displaying five rows of icons.

Another revelation from iOS 6 shows the Apple adaption of 9-pin dock for the new iPhone. This will discontinue the existing 30-pin dock connector however, the company will surely makes an adapter to make the present 9-pin model be compatible from the older 30-pin accessories.

In addition earlier this week, iOS 6 beta version also unveils the removal of Youtube app and replacement of Google Maps with its own mapping application.

The new iPhone 5 is expected to be announced on September 12th in an Apple Event at San Francisco featuring a redesigned aesthetics, faster processor and LTE support.