Is Your Mac Always Secure?

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Is your Mac Always SecureAfter Java and Flashback’s Trojan virus outbreak Apple decided to take increased measures to secure its Mac software. For Mac users it’s time you stepped up your security measures for Mac because although Apple might try to increase its operating software’s security the time has come when Mac users cannot adhere to the fact that their Macbook’s and PC’s will remain safe.

If you’re a pro-Mac then you have always boomed about Macs intense security measures and its comparison with Microsoft’s easily penetrable OS but after the Java attack even you can’t speak with much confidence. Apple’s leniency in updating its Java interface caused a Trojan attack via Flash hitting more than fifty thousand Macs with malware and controlled botnet. Apple significantly took measures to correct this by releasing an updated version of Java as soon as possible and that too with a special protection measure for OS X users; the main point behind it is that the Mac interface did get hit and that too in a very bad way.

The Java-Flash experience warned Apple that any vulnerabilities available in the OS will be easily targeted and exploited and this has caused Apple to increase its security by issuing notices to its main vendor; Oracle. Apple now tries to bring an update whenever possible to increase the Macs security and not give its users another urge to doubt their Mac’s safety.

Although Mac faced the Java-Flash outbreak extremely terribly it is also not the only security issue prevalent in the OS. Last year Apple launched the MacDefender Malware Infection in its OS to secure itself from malware which meant that Mac’s were being targeted with increased malware.

Apart from this sources reveal that an organization known as Black Hat has been trying to inflict trouble on the OS system since many years and they will keep going until they finally don’t plunge into the Mac OS and attack it. Black Hat isn’t the only organization that’s trying to hack into the Mac interface, Apple has been facing increased security threat and they’re trying hard to keep their security uptight.

If you’re an organization and use the Mac interface for your daily activities then you can secure your Mac with the Intrusion Prevention System rules. Although Apple tries to keep its security up to date and efficient it’s still time that Mac users realize the fact that their Mac will not always be secure.

According to ICSA Lab’s report an OS can be easily targeted for malware if it’s operating system is understood well enough to carry out written malware. Apart from this the development system also needs to be cost-efficient so people that aim towards spreading malware can afford it and finally the target audience needs to be large enough hence giving them a pure reason and motive towards taking such actions. With Apple’s Mac interface all three of the given options apply and as people withdraw their Window’s OS to get into the newer Mac interface they need to know that security won’t be perfect on this side of the line either.

Mac users are still living in the fantasy that their Mac is impenetrable but its high time they start downloading anti-viruses. Having said that most Mac users will not take notice of this situation considering they still believe on this fact but sooner or later they will have to face the ugly truth. Until then Mac users can enjoy their Mac operating systems but it’s still beneficial for them to download an anti-virus, better be ready for disaster than be sorry.

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