Sponsored Video: The Coolest iPhone 5 Parodies

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 Mark the date, September 12, 2012 —-if the rumors will be true we might have the next generation iPhone by that day and that’s exactly in two weeks time. The most common indicators were the leaked parts, photos and overwhelming speculations on what we should expect when the new iPhone gets official.

Who would not love iPhone 5 entertainments just to let the two weeks of waiting pass so smoothly? That’s why we took two of the most popular parodies we’ve ever seen so far to perfectly showcase what could we expect for the six generation iPhone, that it really exists –right beside you, just waiting for you to grab and hold. Don’t get too excited; see the videos after the break.

Meet the invisible iPhone 5

This particular parody was the most convincing for us though the features presented were overkill. Notably that the new iPhone 5 will be invisible, can float in the mid-air, resizable (can be small or larger as you wanted it to be), telepathic texting method, high-resolution face-to-face picture and would be available with a starting price of $800.

iPhone 5 as the ultimate camera smartphone

Known web video artist Adam Sacks has just rolled out a video of the new iPhone 5 as your ultimate camera phone. That parody mainly talks about the camera features, DSLR quality images from the iPhone 5 that will finally satisfy the art of photo sharing via Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. The perfect scenario brought on the video, was the taking a photo of your food and sharing it on your social networks. Apparently, this photo-your-food trend is massively exercised as of the moment, will that be the only thing we’ll do on our smartphones? This iPhone 5 parody is somehow an eye opener.


Since we’re talking about spoofs, that’s not the case about Shaun White’s spectacular promotion about the new mint and melon flavored chewing gum called Mintacular. Stride claims that it’s a chewing gum redefined.

Trendsetting iPhone 5

The phone market before and after iPhone was launched.

Phones before and after iPhone launched

In the end, we can specifically says that the new iPhone 5 can dramatically change the shape of the smartphone market and strengthen Apple’s stand in crowded mobile industry.

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