Top 5 apps for your iPhone’s Security

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Top 5 Securi Apps for iPhone

iPhone is the universally acclaimed king of the crop as far as smart phones are concerned. Anyone and everyone between a tech savvy teen to a demanding businessmen, has earmarked iPhone as their preferred device; and hence, the number of iPhone buffs is increasing at the rate of knots – and the impending iPhone 5 release would further up the ante. Even so, as the popularity of the iPhones escalates, so do the security concerns, since cell phones have now become a lot more than mere communicational devices. This is precisely why iPhone users need to be on the lookout for iPhone spyware and for a myriad of cell phone spy software. Here are the top 5 apps that’d help you do precisely that.

5. Virus Barrier

Viruses are a part and parcel of the tech world. Ever since the computers were invented hackers have been busy plotting and planning ways to penetrate the defense mechanism of the devices – and this goes for iPhones as well. Virus Barrier works as a quintessential anti-virus software, and filters out the reliable data from spyware effectively. It allows you to scan the attachments that accompany emails and other remote files for viruses as well, and comes at a pretty cheap price.

4. Gadget Track

Lost your iPhone? Worry not, for Gadget Track has the prowess to track your lost or stolen iPhone in a jiffy. It pinpoints the exact location of the device on the map, and can even control your phone’s camera remotely, helping you take the picture of the iPhone’s thief if you might need evidence later on. This camera feature is something Gadget Track edges out Find My IPhone in.

3. 1Password Pro

Slightly pricy at nearly $11, but if you’re one of the people who have a multitude of passwords to keep track of, it is well worth the money. The app will store all the passwords securely and ‘auto-fill’ them when need be. Also, private and sensitive notes can be stored in the app as well. 1Password Pro has topped Splash ID simply because it has more ratings, and is evidently the more popular choice.

2. Virus Scan of Suspicious Websites

While Virus Barrier scans files to hunt down the covert threats before they are opened, this app has a wide array of scanners – 20 to be precise. These include Norton and McAfee that are among the Who’s Who as far as virus scanners are concerned. It might take 5 to 10 seconds for it to scan each site, but since the price you’re paying for it is zilch, security apps don’t really get much better than this.

1. Find My iPhone

This is by far the most popular app for finding lost iPhones. It will track lost or stolen phones, by showing your device on a map and would give you other options as well. Sounds can be played; it can lock itself and even send you a text message with your own phone number. Furthermore, the fact that you can erase all your data from the iPhone remotely makes this app a must have if you’re looking to bolster your iPhone’s security.

Your iPhone is always under the gun of physical theft, and that of the hackers who, with their arsenal of cell phone spy software and iPhone spyware in particular, can penetrate your device’s defense in a jiffy. These five apps can ensure that your defense mechanism is built up to be strong enough to ward off any unwarranted probing advances.

Author Bio: James Clark has been in the business of providing quality information on cell phone spy software for a while now. He’s an expert at all things spyware, but his main forte is iPhone spyware which has captured the interest of many.