Apple Debuts Thinner 7th Gen iPod Nano

Apple revealed its seventh generation iPod Nano at a press event held in San Francisco on this Wednesday. This seventh gen iPod is also called as “the best nano we have ever created” by the company. It was heard earlier that Apple has been renovating its iPods. Launch of iPod Nano have cleared all the doubts and questions I guess. This news was unveiled by Apple after the launch of another master mind gadget – the new iPhone 5. Now let’s take a quick glance at the features that this new gadget is offering to all such gadget freak people. Let’s start with the display screen. This new ipod nano boasts a display screen of only 2.5 inch making the device look prettier than the earlier models. The 2.5 inch multi-touch LCD screen is an added advantage of this device. But the internal storage capacity has been kept the same as that of its earlier models. The reason behind this is still yet unknown.

Thinner New iPod Nano - 7th Gen

This seventh generation iPod is 38 percent thinner than the earlier models and that is why this device is referred to as the thinnest ipod ever. Most importantly, the volume control part covers half the portion of the gadget. Apart from this, iPod Nano also comes with Bluetooth, FM Tuner, Accelerometer, Lightning connecter and stereo mini-jack. Also you will get Apple Ear Pods for free of cost with this gadget. The integrated FM Tuner of this iPod allows one with added advantages like live pause and recording and you can again start playing the widescreen video. The lightning connecter is calculated to be 80 percent smaller than that of the previous dock connecter.

The device even endures 720p video playback and supports almost all audio formats including essential video codecs like MP4 and H.264. On a single battery charge you can watch 3.5 hours of video as well as can listen 30 hours of music playback. The device comes with non-replaceable lithium-ion battery.

The market price for this iPod Nano is fixed for $149. The company recently revealed that it has sold over 350 million iPods and the number will increase in the future. This new iPod Nano comes in seven vibrant colors offering more chromatic exteriors than that of the earlier generations. Gadget freak girls will surely love the pink color.

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