Apple intros new 80 percent smaller iPhone 5 dock connector called Lightning with $29 adapter

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As it’s been only a day since iPhone 5 had been announced, many started to compare this device with their competitors.Lightning-to-30-pin-adapter-cable

The new Apple iPhone 5 has an 8 mega pixel camera running on iOS 6 operating system with a front facing camera which can record at 720p HD quality.

As the thing we are going to discuss today is about the new dock connecter called lightning adapter. Apart from the larger screen and new camera features apple also redesigned its 30 pin connector 8-pin connector. This connector is 80% smaller than its predecessor.


The connector can be connected both the sides and the reason to expect this one on iPhone is to save more space and can be easy at the time of hurry

This new dock connector is very easier to connect, more durable with adaptive interface and the plug is reversible. This new dock connector is for iPhone 5, iPod nano and iPod touch.

Along with Lightening adopter there is another option i.e adapter cable that connects to a 30-pin cable and converts it into lightning cable. This adapter cable is retailed at $39.

This 8-pin connecter is named as lightening adopter and expected price is at 29.95$

Both the adopters the lightning adopter and adopter cable will be shipped on October 2012

In my opinion I would go for the adopter cable even though it is priced at $39, because it is very easy to carry and can fit anywhere easily.

Really Apple is doing a wonderful job in makings the things smaller and lighter, as the new iPhone 5 is the lightest Smartphone in the world. Thumbs up for the efforts made by Apple and we fan boys want more from you guys and hope you launch more devices in the coming year.

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