Apple iPhone 5 first orders on its way

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Apple iPhone 5 first orders on its way

After the extravagant entry to the world of crowded handheld devices particularly in the smartphone segment, it looks like no one can stop on serving the new iPhone 5, as we speak it is In-Transit moving out of China to its pre-order destination.

However, even the units are being shipped out, the iPhone 5 will be delivered until September 21st launch date.

The screenshot above was obtained by AppleInsider which shows the shipping details of Apple iPhone 5 where it’s already on its way from ZhengZhou, China last Sunday to its destination which is expected to arrive on Friday, September 21st.

That’s why when you placed a pre-order of iPhone 5 on Apple’s online store, you’ll see that the status read “preparing for shipment” and tracking it will show you that it has started its shipment.

We’re sure there’ll be really someone who’ll be posting quite early showcasing that he/she have already received the iPhone 5.

Source: AppleInsider

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