Apple iPhone 5 jailbreak

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iPhone 5 jailbreak

Whenever there’s a newly launched iPhone we can expect the following: longer lines, bugs, fix, teardown, benchmarks, record sales, haters and reports that it has been jailbroken. As we speak, the iPhone already got its jailbreak treatment, freeing the Cupertino’s newest smartphone and entitled it for Cydia access.

In the report, Grant Paul also known as @chpwn has posted screenshots of the iPhone 5 with Cydia on-board which indicates that he successfully managed to jailbreak the iPhone 5. And it seems he was able to get over the hardware-software restrictions. In the meantime, all you need to do is wait for a tool to have your precious iPhone 5 jailbroken.

The question now, are you willing to jailbreak your iPhone 5?

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