Apple iPhone 5’s specs and features

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At long last, the Apple iPhone 5 is around, the release wasn’t really a big surprise because of the level of leakage, but it’s cool anyway, because the release event generated so much noise all over the world as everybody seems to await the great date of September 12 a day after an American tragic memory of the September 11 Bin Laden’s world trade centre attack.

iPhone 5

The iPhone 5 has come and will be shipping starting from September 21, preorder has already began today, the 14th of September, you can go book yours at the Apple store and wait for delivery anytime after September 21.

Few countries that will go live first on the iPhone 5 includes, US, UK, Canada, Australia, Singapore, Germany and the rest as Apple promises to add 20 more countries to the cart before the end of September and by the end of 2012, about 100 countries will be using the iPhone 5.

Let’s check out few features that came out with the iPhone 5

The screen that came with the iPhone 5 is larger than the previous iPhone versions, the screen which is an Apple Retina display of resolution 640 x 1136 pixels and density ~326 is 4-inch unlike the usual 3.5-inch Apple is used to for its iPhone models. The width is just the same as that of iPhone 4S, but the height was increased a little as it became taller.

Apple designed the iPhone 5 to be 18% thinner and 20% lighter, the thickness is just 7.6mm while it weighs 112g, the aspect ratio is 16:9 The display allows more widget and adds the fifth row of icon instead of the four in the other models, the iPhone 5 is powered by Apple A6 chip which promises to double speed and performance of the A5 in iPhone 4S, the battery life of the iPhone 5 was also improved as you can go 8 hours talk time on 3G and 4G, also 8 hours of net surfing, it goes 10 h0ours if you are watching videos, and a whooping of 40 hours if you are listening to music. On standby, the iPhone 5 battery can sustain 450 hours.

The camera retained its 8MP but changes to a more durable sapphire lens, another feature included on the camera is the panorama mode, the superphone is running on Apple iOS 6 and this is packed with a number of new features. This is not time to discuss the iOS; we could have gone into details.

The iPhone 5 comes with 4G LTE connectivity, other connectivity such as the 3G, HSPA+, Wi-Fi and EDGE are still available.

Apple changed the dock connector from the 30-pin to reduce by 80% and the new digital connector was named Lightning, Apple made and adapter that makes the old accessories compatible to this lightning connector, the adaptor goes for $29.

The iPhone 5 also come with and enhanced and a newly designed headset called EarPod, which maintains comfort and better audio quality.

The color of the iPhone 5 is white or black, no price discrimination for color, the price differs based on internal storage, the 16 GB version goes for $199, 32 GB for $299, while the 64 GB option will be selling for $399.

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