Apple: Over 400 million iOS devices has been sold, more than 700, 000 apps in App store

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Apple Sold over 400-million iOS devicesWhile announcing the iPhone 5 yesterday 12th September, Apple CEO Tim Cook made a claim that over 400 million iOS devices had gone out for sale, the iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch etc. He also added that the Apple application bank continues to grow everyday and as at now, the application has shoot above the 700, 000 mark in the App store.

The activation is following Android as a report brought out by Nielsen some days ago says Android device sales has gone above the 500 million, revealing that approximately 3.3 million Android device are been purchased daily. Apple says the iPad alone has over 250, 000 apps on the Apple app store.

Recently, Google announced for the Android apps on Google Play, and its running in its 600, 000 apps on the Android market as of the end of June. Windows Phone is also fast growing as the Microsoft is having around 100, 000 applications.

With the launch of the iPhone 5, which will start selling on 21st September, let’s see if it’s going to shoot above the Android sales mark. More of what is expected is the rumoured iPad mini and the iPod Touch.

After a whole lot of noise and rumors, Apple announced the iPhone 5. No one really knew it will be called the iPhone 5 as it had been expected in the second quarter of last year, but Apple shocked the whole masses by calling it iPhone 4S. Would people have been disappointed if Apple refuses to name it after the rumour and call it something else instead of iPhone 5?

Surprisingly, most of the rumors about the iPhone 5 came out to be accurate, for example, during the leak, the iPhone 5 is said to have a different and reduced dock connector, Apple had reduced the 30-pin connector by 80% and the new connector is a digital connector called ‘Lightning’.

Another thing is the 4-inch display which came out to be true on the iPhone 5, the display is said to have a Retina display.

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