Apple’s New EarPods, better looks with improved sound effect

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Along with the new iPhone 5, Apple launched a new earpiece for personal music experience, which is called “EarPods“.

The EarPods came free with the iPhone but for users who will like to arrange it for the older iDevice versions, it is available for order since yesterday when the iPhone 5 got launched. Apart from the quality sound effect which is promised with the EarPods, Apple made the design to be eye-catching, you will also find it attractive to try one out.


Unlike the disappointment found in the iPhone 4S EarBuds, the EarPods is very much richer in its production, the guys were able to test run on one. They are very good to get a cool listening experience without the interference of the of the external sounds because they don’t form a seal on the ear canal, this is a very good innovation and better especially when you are on the street, since you will be able to ear sounds from traffics as well as other environmental sounds.

The bass is another thing else, just perfect, you will appreciate it because it’s not overpowering; the stereo effect is also wonderful, all giving you a more than pleasant listening experience.

Apart of the quality of sound, you enjoy a comfort on these pair of EarPods, unlike the previous version that may sometimes fall off your ear, this is a special design that overcomes such challenges and you have no cause to get stressed up for using an earpiece, the EarPods sticks to your ear, and would not fall off. Also, it doesn’t cost you a bit of stress to get them placed in your ears.

There is no much flaw in the new EarPods, except the bit of flimsy and light in the controls/mic pod, this could be a point to consider for long-term wear.

The new Apple EarPods are better thereof than the previous versions, and they are free with the new iPhones and iPods.

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