iPhone 4 becomes free, iPhone 4S $99, as iPhone 5 arrives

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iPhone 4 becomes free, iPhone 4S $99, as iPhone 5 arrives

Once upon a time that it will cost fortune to use an Apple product, but now, it seems Apple is making sense, and deem it fit to expand its customer base, one of the things that scare most people away from Apple’s product is its price, they are always too expensive, although Apple is known to offer a first class grade of quality products, but as competitors are running at its back, it’s like it’s now really watching its back.

Can you just imagine, an iPhone given out free of charge by its manufacturer, Cupertino Apple.

One of those things Apple redesigned as it releases its new iPhone 5 is pricing, Apple really came down by offering its products at an affordable rate. The iPhone 4 has a 5MP camera, and it now sells $0.00, yes, I mean it, Apple are giving them out free of charge and the iPhone 4S has the 8MP, just the same value in the new iPhone 5, and guess what, Apple now offers it at just a token of $99. The iPhone 5 has a version that virtually anybody can afford it, and it is just $199 with its 16 GB internal memory, white or black, enable the LTE network, the only but you will experience in this is just the two year contract and it’s a token.

It’s a tradition for Apple to slash the price of its market products whenever a new one is launching.

The iPhone 5 is coming through 240 carriers in over one hundred countries, and the preorders begins tomorrow Friday 14 September, while it will start getting shipped on September 21.

The first set of countries to receive the new iPhone 5 includes the US, Canada, UK, Germany, Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan and France. About 20 more countries will also be having the iPhone 5 as the month wraps up. Apple vouches to raise the number to a hundred by the end of the year.

In case the iPhone 5 still looks expensive, and you are not the type that cares about using the latest gadget in town, go ahead and get a free iPhone 4 or a $99 iPhone 4S, all you just got to pay is the two year contract, and the phone is all yours.

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