iPhone 5 Sports iOS 6 with Maps, Passbook, iCloud Tabs and More

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Now that the brand new iPhone 5 has been officially launched, it time to focus on the software used for iOS devices. Software plays a very crucial role in determining the longevity of a gadget. That is why it is important to know the features of the software used in your iOS devices to maximize its functionality. Apple has not kept anything secret as Scott Forstall demonstrated the iOS 6 at the World Wide Developer’s Conference 2012. The iOS 6 will allow one to integrate Facebook directly and also it has the brand new application of Maps and Passbook.

iPhone 5 Sports Ios 6 with Maps, Passbook, Icloud Tabs and More
Now the software is out of its much awaited beta phase and is ready to start with its operation. One of the most powerful and bared addition to this iOS 6 is the application of Maps that includes the most awaited Siri navigation, satellite imagery and 3D building view. As you all know that nowadays Safari boasts a full screen that helps one share tabs from the PC or laptop with that of your cell phone. Another such application is Passbook that arrived into action after a long time.

Passbook allows one bring up a plane ticket directly at the lockscreen the moment you reach the airport. Something that I would like to share is, Delta has recently confirmed as a partner for this useful ticket service. Presence of Siri can bring you good sports ranking as well as movie ratings with the help of voice assistant. One of the most fascinating features to talk about is the Facebook application over cellular. You will get a chance to feel the difference when iOS will release on 19th September worldwide. You will also get to see the iOS 6 in the iPhone 4 and 4S, iPod touch and iPad.

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