Is iPhone 5 a worthy upgrade?

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iPhone 5 is finally out now. On the one hand, it brings juice in the Apple’s fans’ minds and on the other hand, create a mind disturbing question that whether it’s quite worthy to upgrade from iPhone 4S to iPhone 5? Let’s find out the answer in this post.

Apple iPhone 5

Thinner and Lighter

The first attractive part of iPhone 5 is being its thinner and lighter. It’s 18 percent thinner as compared to iPhone 5. The weight is 112 grams, which makes it simple to carry along with you.  But the thinner size and less weight can’t be considered as any big reason to upgrade to iPhone 5 unless you are a person, who buys smartphone based on look only.

Bigger, 4-inch screen 

Apple has moved away from the track of 3.5 inch screen by coming up woth 4 inch screen in iPhone 5. The bigger screen makes it good for watching movies, using Internet and viewing pictures. But paying your hard earned money, just for the sake of bigger screen is not a wise thing to do. Is it?

A6 processor

On the event of iPhone 5’s launch, Apple did not miss the chance to reveal the A6 chip that is adopted in iPhone 5. The faster processor brings more speed and ease of use. This makes Phone 5, a better device for playing games as compared to iPhone 4S. Yes, I do agree that iPhone 5 has better processor, I do agree that it has better speed and is better for games, but you would not like to leave your previous love, the iPhone 4S just for games, unless you are gaming freak.

8MP main camera, front-facing cam with FaceTime in HD 

The camera in iPhone 5 is 8 MP, same as of iPhone 4S but with some new features like FaceTime in HD, image stabilization etc. But believe, if you take picture with both i.e. with iPhone 4S and iPhone 5 , then you will not be able to identify the one taken by iPhone 5. If no unique quality or effect you can observe in iPhone 5, then whats the benefit to go with this new one. Is there any?


If you are addicted to Internet and want to use it even when no WiFi Hot Spot is available, then iPhone 5 can be good deal for you as it provides LTE technology  ,allowing 100 Mbps  internet. For others, iPhone 5 will be good to see in the showcase only.

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