The birth of iPhone 5 with 4-inch display, A6 Chip and 4G LTE

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As much as we know Apple to be so confidential in its dealings, it couldn’t hide the iPhone 5, as the phone appears to be the most leaked handset ever, maybe it because people are expecting something big anyway, that is why the investigation were so high leading to serious porosity of the iPhone 5 while it was in Apple’s kitchen.

The birth of iPhone 5 with 4-inch display

Anyway, all is over, the hot suspense pressure is now down as Apple finally unveiled the iPhone 5 yesterday at San Francisco. The iPhone 5 came just as the mockup pictures found on the web, it is made of glass and aluminum, and 18% thinner than the its iPhone 4S predecessor, the actual thickness is 7.6mm. The weight even came 20% lighter as you will not hit more than 112g on the scale. The 4-inch display is made of the new Apple Retina panel of resolution 1136 x 640 pixels and ~361ppi density. The new display pushed the iPhone 5 closer to 16:9, but not accurately.

The most exciting and fascinating inclusion is the addition of LTE, the HSPA+, EV-DO, EDGE are all on board. Sprint, Verizon and AT&T are the US carriers that will roll out the LTE versions. The 802.11a/b/n network is still available in case you don’t have the 4G available. One thing I haven’t heard since the iPhone 5 came around is the NFC and the Nano SIM; they were one of the loud noises during the rumor. The GLONASS and GPS are available for your easy navigation.

Apple got mad with the chipset, they made an A6 to power the iPhone 5, they boasted it is full twice in performance than the A5 in the iPhone 4S, the A6 was said to be 22% smaller than the A5 chip. I think this was one of the reason behind the success of the slimmer device. The battery on the iPhone 5 is said to be energetic enough offering an 8 hours talk time despite the presence of LTE, running on the Wi-Fi will keep you on for 10 hours.

The camera is just a little slimmer on the iPhone 5, but it is the same 8MP in the iPhone 4S, but backside illuminated and sensored with 5 element lens and f/24 aperture. The image capturing promises to be faster and by 40%, a new panoramic shooting mode was introduced, this stitches together a 28 megapixel photo, and also the video recording now goes on 1080p. The front facing camera was also upgraded to capture at 720p.

Apple tried to improve the voice quality by upgrading the microphone to five-magnet transducer and the siri also received a touch. As seen and heard over the rumor, the dock connector on the iPhone 5 is now 80% smaller, Apple replaced it with a digitalized connector it called Lightning, but I am happy to announce to you that Apple also came out with an adapter that won’t render your old accessories useless, but you have got to pay a sacrifice of $29 if you are desperate about it.

The iPhone 5 will come rocking on iOS 6 and the previous iphone has been promised to receive a free update to that on September 19.

The iPhone 5 will start shipping on September 21 in two colors, white and black. The 16GB version will go for $199, while the 32 GB cost $299, the 64GB iPhone 5 is will be offering for $399. The first shipment will be to US, Canada, UK, Germany, France, Australia, Japan, Hong Kong, and Singapore as pre-order begins on September 14. At the end of the month, 20 more countries will be added to the shipping list.

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