What’s new in Apple iPhone 5?

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iPhone 5

Apple iPhone 5 has been selling like hot cakes in the market. There are a lot of new features that has been incorporated in order to make the phone better and even more charming and successful than the previous version. Although, there were a lot of speculations and rumors regarding this iPhone, the truth remains the fact that there were no major surprises but there have been a few welcome changes.

Larger Display Size

For the first time ever in the history of Apple, the screen size of the phone has been altered. From its regular 3.5 inches, the new model now boasts of a screen size of 4 inches. As the screen has been elongated lengthwise, users can now see five different rows on their home screen and the resolution is much more improved as well. Apple has called its retina display as panoramic and has been much liked by most users.

New Processor

The new apple iPhone managed to come in with a new processor. The new processor is called A6 and is definitely faster than the previous one. If you look at the claims of Apple, it is worth mentioning that this processor is almost two times faster than the previous version and it shall give an entirely new dimension to web browsing.

Operating System

One of the biggest catch of Apple iPhone has to be the fact that it has been configured to work with the latest version of the Apple operating system. There is no doubt that iOS 6 is definitely the fastest and the most amazing operating system at the moment and it provides a wide range of different features and functionalities. The type of features which you would get with iOS6 is worth every round of appreciation. It not only has support for new apps but at the same time, it has also made sure that the successful apps in the previous operating system version have been modified to provide better working conditions as well.

Audio Improvement

As Apple claims that iPhone 5 is definitely the best phone at the moment in the market, it has taken care to ensure that it could live up to the expectations that people have from this model. Thus, they have gone through the pains to check that the audio components got the right makeover which was extremely essential. The iPhone comes loaded with three microphones and it also has the feature of noise cancellation as well which makes for an extremely clear hearing. The ear pods that you get along with it are worth every minute of hearing music.

Camera Quality

There is no doubt that the camera in iPhone 5 is an improvement over the previous model. You would be able to shoot photos with an amazing speed. Apple 4S in itself was quick in clicking pictures but with iPhone 5, you do not even have to wait that long as the shutter speed has been improved by 40 percent. One cannot miss to mention the panoramic view feature as well.

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