Sponsored Video: AltaVista and Amazon Search Exec Hired for Siri Unit

William StasiorApple has just hired a search veteran from early search engine AltaVista and Amazon William Stasior to run the company’s Siri unit.

William Stasior has an impressive track on his professional career which Dice.com is known for several years now, yes –tech professionals. His resume shows what he has accomplished for the past years. The veteran MIT Ph.D. has been the engineer behind AltaVista, work on core framework of Oracle and Netcentives. He became a part of Amazon back on 2003 as the director of search and navigation, then moved into A9.com as VP Engineering till 2004 and became President CEO on 2006.

His colorful background on search will power Apple’s voice activated personal-assistant program –Siri. The Cupertino-giant acquire Siri back in 2010 to have the core technology of voice-activated search. This could hint us where Siri is headed in the near future.

Before Apple hired Stasior, two major Siri executives have left the company, Adam Chever and Dag Kittlaus. Getting Stasior on the line was a great addition to Siri team, his search expertise could further improve Siri’s search capability.

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