What are the latest business apps to be released for the iPhone?

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Whatever industry you are involved in and however far you are up your own personal corporate ladder you will no doubt run into situations that you know would be easily solved in a few minutes if only there was a piece of software that could do some of the work for you. Researching the price of postage or trying to find a way to open a PDF can take time and ruin the flow of a previously productive work day.

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If you have the latest iPhone chances are that you can get yourself an app that will take care of those little jobs for you. In the last year or two the app market has exploded and there are now little programs to help you with any part of your day at any time of day. No matter what it is that you need you can find an app that will make it easier.

For example if you need to check how much it’s going to cost you to send that package to Taiwan look no further than the UK postage calculator produced by Zendec. Using this nifty little app you can find out everything you need to know from one handy place. No more searching around for information and no more checking and rechecking the rates in case they’ve changed.

Adobe Systems, the company that created the Acrobat reader software that you can find on most household computers, have created a mobile version of their software specifically for use on the iPhone. It functions exactly as it does on a PC allowing you to view PDF files without the need for a separate suite of programs.

With apps like these two and the latest iPhone from Dial-A-Phone.co.uk you’re sure to get ahead in your business. As long as your business specifically involves checking the prices of stamps and looking at PDF files.

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