Over 60% of iPhones runs on iOS 6

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Over 60 of iPhones runs on iOS 6The newest version of Apple’s mobile operating system, the iOS 6 is now rolling out to iOS devices. From iOS 6’s  availability back on September 19th, significant 60-percent of the iPhones have now been updated with the iOS 6 according to the latest tally of web tracking firm Chitika.

The iPad users also has been throwing considerable numbers with 45-percent already adapted the new OS, along with iPod touch users grabbing the update also on fast pace.

The Cupertino giant has definitely been successful on rolling out the newest version of its operating system with its line-up of iOS devices limited to refreshed version which unlike the Android has multiple manufacturers and handsets.

 On this point, when it comes to roll out of new updates, the Android is probably the slowest. Apple serves also its update across multiple carriers, unlike Android who’s mostly dependent to its carriers. Even the most popular Android smartphones take months before getting the new Android update.

Source: Chitika

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