Smart Security for Your iOS Devices

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iPhone FraudIn the modern age where your iPhone does everything short of folding your laundry, it is empirical to consider all the sensitive information stored on the many accounts you have. And of course few of us sacrifice the convenience of having a universal password for all logins for benefit of having the ultimate protection from fraud.

To counterattack identity thieves, some companies began offering the safety of phone based authentication. What phone verification offers is a 2 factor authentication system which utilizes a password you know (and someone else may as well) and a code you receive. Through a text or a voice call, you will receive a unique login code that will create identity theft prevention for your device. This is particularly useful for those with many different accounts and also people logging into their profiles outside of a secure network.

The importance of this extra layer of security in form of phone authentication is crucial at a time where information can be easily used to steal money and identities. Another benefit of phone verification is the maintenance of a high level of security despite weak passwords that might even be reused on many accounts. To protect yourself from frauds, 2 factor authentication is an easy choice considering how simple it is to obtain and set up. With no additional software or hardware to worry about, the set-up is easy and quick. Although the phone verification is a great service for anyone to have, any business dealing with online registrants must make the most of this extra layer of security to be cost-effective.

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