Sponsored Video: Tablets may change the future of education

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Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1

With the countless portable slate of different sizes available in the market today, the mini and full sized iPad and range of multi-manufacturer Android tablets, there’s no doubt that it can dominate and transform the way we take education in the near future.

The tablet ownership has tripled from 7-percent to 25-percent for upcoming and college students that almost brought the textbooks out of every classrooms. That’s true for a more interactive and rich ecosystem of applications for learning. Besides, the availability of digital format books that can be easily downloaded on each device can replace expensive hard books.

According to Pearson Foundation conducted a survey last March 2012:

  • 46-percent of current tablet owners plan to have another tablet within the next six months
  • 90-percent college students and high school seniors believe tablets are valuable for both education and personal purposes
  • 66-percent of college students believe that tablets help them study more efficiently
  • 64-percent believe the tablets help them do better in class
  • 70-percent of college student have read digital textbooks
  • 77-percent of college students believe tablets greatly enhance the leaning experience

It brings the books to life, making it alive and can interact with students, compared to just reading print books, the class can hear the music or speech from the tablet.

Another, good thing is that tablets and smartphones is almost made and operated at the same way, basically students will have shorter learning curve on mastering the device functionality. Normally these devices run on Android or iOS platform. It’s also portable enough compared to a laptop or print book.

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