All Ears iPhone Case With Fake Ears

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All Ears iPhone Case

You heard it right! All Ears iPhone case will give you a curiosity stare from your peers once you answer a phone call on your iPhone.

Thanks to Fred and Friends, though it’s not the first time we will see body parts made it on an iPhone case, however, this case was the best and peculiar we’ve seen so far.

All Ears iPhone Case

Now it’ll not be called All Ears if you’ve just getting a single ear, I mean All Ears will pack 6 differently designed ear inserts for the hard-plastic clear case for a very affordable price of just $14.99.

You’ll have two flavors for All Ears case for ladies and gentlemen. And a worthy stare from you friends with its cool and wild ears, yes, accessorized ears!

You can check the cases here, check it out.

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