Sponsored Video: ‘If we’ can only make your iPhone immortal

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Shattered iPhone screen, that’s a normal thing, right? But that could not happen again if a recent campaign in KickStarter will have sufficient backers to raise the funds for an ‘impact resistant’ screen protector that could change the world of smartphone for ruggedness and toughness. It’s called Rhino Shield to reality.

A UK-based company named Evolution Labs conspire the pending patent for a polymer that will make your smartphone ‘immortal’ for any type of abuses. The Rhino Shield will be made by this ‘impact resistant’ polymer comprised of 6 layers stack in a 0.01-inch thick sheet. Each layers will work to protect your tablet or smartphone by dispersing and absorbing the shocks.

So if you’ll be thinking, this project might not be just as a screen protector but rather be a marketable screen like the Gorilla Glass. In the video on the KickStarter page, the demo shows a half-pound bearing drop test with two iPhones, representing a standard unit with a Gorilla Glass 2 while the other one is equipped with the Rhino Shield. Interestingly, the ball bearing shatters the Gorilla Glass 2 protected iPhone from a height of 3.5 inches compared to Rhino Shield protected iPhone which deflected the impact at 18 inches.

The founder of Evolution Labs, Eric Wang and the designer of Rhino Shield created the shield after few of his friends broke their phone and tablet screens, pretty simple idea that might have started with ‘IF WE’ can only make a strong shield to protect that devices from breaking when dropped.

The project could ultimately save us billion of dollars and tons of waste for the environment, think about that. There’s an ongoing initiative right now by Dassault Systemes asking for your world changing dreams. To gather the right ideas, the question you should ask yourself will be something like, “IF WE ask the right questions, we could change the world.” Check out the video below for more details.

Getting back, as we speak there are currently about a thousand backers with almost $17K funds to have the Rhino Shield into production. With 21 days in the record to fulfill the needed funds, I know you can contribute to have this dream to reality. You can have it as early as April with price range of  £12 and £20.

This post is sponsored by Dassault Systemes.

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