Smart Spending for Your Apple Devices

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As useful, intuitive and entertaining as technology can be, it’s not without its costs. Like many things these days, there are additional costs out there that you need to pay on a regular basis if you want to get the most of your new iPhone 5, iPad or Macbook. Even the latest gadgets face these additional expenses, no matter what the price is for the device itself.


It’s safe to say most gadgets rely heavily on the Internet. Whilst you can use them without it, you’re generally not going to capitalise or use the full potential of the phone. That said, left unchecked a heavy reliance on the Internet can run up a severe bill.

When out and about, you should be careful over how much you rely on the Internet as connections may not be as secure or protected as you like. At home you’re free to rely on the service as much as possible, providing you have adequate safety measures in place, but should remember that the more gadgets you have, the more money you’ll want to save on internet bills. Look out for some of the best landline deals out there and you’ll find something that can provide you with all the broadband you need at a very reasonable price.

Insurance and Protection

If you value your technology, then you’ll also want a way to protect it. This makes sense from a financial perspective; since these can often be costly to replace or repair it helps to protect yourself. That said, from a purely financial point of view, this only works if you’re paying a reasonable price for such insurance.

This is a simple case of comparing the market and, where possible, getting the best deal; not just the one offered when you purchase the product. Do some research before buying any new gadget so you’re not forced or convinced to sign up when you pay for it. Likewise, if you own several gadgets, look for insurance options that include discounts for having multiple items, or policies that cover all your possessions.


Finally, all these items of technology run off power. Even the battery based products, such as smart devices, need to be charged. This is a necessary cost, but there are two ways to keep it down. Firstly, compare the market as you would for insurance or any other bill.

Secondly, learn to keep devices off when they’re not in use. Leaving everything on standby when not in use may only use a small amount of energy at the time but when combined adds up to a significant amount. In fact, the UK is thought to waste as much as £1 billion a year through this action alone – making the reasons for switching devices off fully and unplugging them more than clear.

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