Apple and Volkswagen team up to create the iBeetle

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German carmaker Volkswagen recently teamed up with Apple to develop what they call the iBeetle. In essence, this collaboration is quite unique, with Apple developing what they describe as “genuine integrative interface” for the smartphone, which they would be pairing with VW’s smartphone app Volkswagen Car Net the Beetle and a dedicated docking station on the vehicle’s dashboard.

Compared to previous partnerships with automakers like BMW, Mercedes, GM, Land Rover, Jaguar, Audi, Honda and Ferrari, this is, by far, the most unique one as Volkswagen offers separate apps and accessories. The iBeetle, which is available in different colors, is said to be designed with respect to Apple’s design principles. The configuration’s docking station allows the iPhone to snap into a cradle, which then enables the driver and/or passenger to use the specially designed app, which features Spotify integration, use of a G-meter, oil temperature gauges, fuel economy diagnostics, and a variety of social features.

Volkswagen notes that the Beetle is the first of more models to come that would feature iPhone integration. Advance sales of the car are set to begin in October 2013.



Source: VW Media

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