What to do with old Mac products

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Given how rapid consumer technology innovation is these days, it’s hardly surprising that your house may be full of old Mac devices that are no longer cutting edge technology. Mac updates its phones and computers so quickly that it’s hard to keep up.

A lot of people feel inconvenienced because the constant rate of seduction by Apple to buy its latest products. After the short warranties run out, there’s not much you can do with your old Mac products. Or is there? Read on to find out.

Sell them

It’s easy to forget that loads of people can’t really afford the new Mac products and that the price of the older models swiftly drops after it has been replaced. The iPhone 4, for instance, is relatively affordable now. Last year, this wasn’t the case.

So gather your old iPhones and iPods, repair or replace any parts necessary and go onto any of the sites that can facilitate a sale for you, like www.musicmagpie.com.

Recycle them

If you can’t sell them, do the right thing and recycle them. Apple must comply with new recycling laws, so they will gladly accept any old computers or iPods or iPhones that you don’t use anymore to recycle, and will sometimes exchange them for gift vouchers.

If you don’t live near an Apple store, find out if your local recycling centre is able to accept it for recycling. Alternatively, check at work if your company has a tech recycling system that you can make use of.

Donate them

An alternative to selling or recycling, if your product is still works, is to donate it to a charity or to a school. Simply not enough people are doing this with their old computers. A survey showed that less than 5 per cent of old computers find their way to a school or charity.

The Electronic Industries Alliance keeps a database of donation programmes. Look them up online and find out where your closest donation point is.

Get creative

If you’re feeling creative, there are always a lot of fun things you can do with an old, unusable Mac. You can take its casing off and use it to grow plants in. You could also fashion parts of it into jewellery.

Bear in mind that many old computer parts have toxic chemicals inside them and handling them is quite dangerous. Make sure you read up about how to handle and dispose of them in the safest way possible before you do so.

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