Sky+, revolutionizing TV via your iOS device

Sky+ is an iOS app that aims to improve the overall usability of the usual television set. First released in 2009, the Sky+ app allows Sky TV customers to enjoy UK’s biggest Catch Up TV service at no extra costs, record favorite shows, pause/rewind/record live TV and change channels on the fly – all with a swipe or tap of the finger on any iOS device.


Recently updated last May 8, Version 4.4 of the Sky+ app now features an updated look and feel as well as a new Recording Help for iPhone users, great news when several programs you want to record at once clash schedules. Also, the Sky+ app can now be used by customers to fully access their Sky+ planner, which means all existing recordings on one’s Sky+ box can now be easily browsed.

The update is just the most recent addition to the Sky+ app, which makes it really simple and easy to find out about sky tv deals and plan great TV to watch. Other useful features of the app include being able to browse the entire week’s TV from a smartphone through a user-friendly TV Guide, as well as remote record capability of both individual programs and entire series through the app while away from home. For Sky customers, this means never missing a single episode of their favorite TV show or series ever again.

According to Luke Bradley-Jones, Sky’s Brand Director of TV Products, smartphones have been integral to the day-to-day lives of people nowadays. It has been the central device for almost everyone to manage virtually every aspect of our lives, from organizing one’s diary, to checking one’s bank balance, to paying bills. He asks, “Why not use it to control our TV too?”

As of the moment, the free Sky+ app has been downloaded more than five million times and attracts an average of more than 1.2 million unique users a month, according to its makers.