10 Mac Shortcuts You Never Knew About

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When you first get a Mac, it can often be overwhelming – navigating your way through your brand new device can seem like you’re lost in the middle of the Sahara desert.

But there are so many little tips and tricks that you can use to help get your head around it all – such as these 10 handy shortcuts:


1. Turn It Up

Have you ever turned your volume up with one tap of the keyboard to find that it’s just way too loud? To adjust it in gradual increments, simply click SHIFT + OPTION + VOLUME KEY. We are all too familiar with the annoying clicking sound of the volume keys on a Mac too (don’t deny it!), but to avoid getting irritated with it, just hold SHIFT down when adjusting the sound.

2. Quick Search

If you want to find the answer to something quickly, we know that finding the Google Chrome app is just far too much effort. So if you’ve got OS X, simply type in what you want to find and COMMAND + UP ARROW + L and the integrated Google will search it for instantly!

2. Slow Down

This entertaining little trick doesn’t serve much purpose, but we find it fun when we’re procrastinating! Pressing SHIFT + clicking on THE MINIMISE ICON (the yellow ‘-‘ in the top left hand corner) of a window will enable it to go down in slow motion!

3. Find Finder

You may not realise, but many of your files are hidden in Finder when you’re looking for something. To uncover these invisible files, simply type ‘defaults write.com apple finder AppleShowAllFiles true.’ To hide your files again, simply alter the text from ‘true’ to ‘false.’

4. Do Delete

The fact that the Mac’s ‘delete’  button is in actual fact the ‘backspace’ can be quite annoying, particularly if you’re new to the system! COMMAND + BACKSPACE allows you to delete full words, rather than single letters alone!

5. Privacy, Please!

Obsessed with Facebook? Let’s face it… who isn’t?! CTRL + ALT + 7 will get you straight to your Privacy Settings to secure your information!

6. What Does That Mean?

Whether you’re reading a complicated article or playing on Mecca Bingo online, 9 times out of 10 when we’re surfing the net, do we come across a word or term that just means complete gibberish to us. So if you’re faced with a piece of text on your Mac and become completely confused, CTRL + COMMAND + D opens a little dialogue box where you’re able to see it’s Dictionary meaning, a little Wikipedia explanation, as well as a Thesaurus option!

7. Photo Flash

The flash on the Photobooth is really annoying, isn’t it? Luckily, there is a simple trick to prevent it from going off for the photo! SHIFT + CLICKING THE CAMERA SHUTTER BUTTON.

8. #whereisthehashtag?

Unfortunately, your Mac doesn’t come with a little hashtag on your keyboard, but if you need to use it when you’re tweeting, just use the ALT + 3 command and you can hashtag to your heart’s content!

9. Dock Disable

Your icon dock can often become a nuisance when you’re looking to watch/read something. COMMAND + OPTION + D enables you to slide the dock away until you need it again (which you can do with a simple click). If you’re looking to get quick access to something but don’t want to disrupt your dock, move your cursor into the top left of the screen!

10. Shut Down

If you’re in a hurry and you need to safely shut your Mac down, it can take ages to shut every window down and wait to bypass the shut down counter than you get when you do it normally. Simply hit CTRL + OPTION + COMMAND + EJECT and you can shut your computer down in seconds!

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