iPhone 5S to be announced on September 10

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Reports had surfaced pointing to long-rumored next-generation iPhone that will be release on September 10th, according to Mashable via AllThingsD. If you can remember, Tim Cook has been hinting for a new product to be release by fall, which we can easily relate as the iPhone 5S/5C that can also come in budget-friendly version made from colorful polycarbonate(plastic) material and not from sophisticated solid aluminum.


The source also told that the Cupertino-giant will not unveil its new desktop OS, as well some of its most anticipated products such as the smart watch and TV. So basically, the event might boils down on two versions of iPhone –the flagship and lower-cost which are both running the latest iOS 7 who have just pave the way earlier from the company’s developer conference back in June.

As per the specs of these iPhone versions, there are rumors pointing to improved camera and faster processor however, we find them salty at the moment.

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